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Noosa Horse Riding

Noosa's Premier Boutique Riding School

Welcome to Noosa Horse Riding! We offer lessons to students looking to advance their existing skills and learn more about the exciting sport of Eventing! 


Lessons in Dressage
Show Jumping
Cross Country

Professional instruction

Safe horses

Fun, supportive environment

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Everything We Offer


Show Jumping

Cross Country

At Noosa Horse Riding, we believe in developing all horse skills. Instruction includes an explanation of why we do things, not just how we do them. 

Lessons take place both in and outside of the arenas. When we ride out, either in the fields or on trails, our students learn how to control a horse in an open environment.

Horsemanship is integrated into most lessons and goes beyond the basics of tacking and untacking and includes skills that will be required for showing or if a student eventually owns their own horse.

Our goal is calm, happy horses, and confident students.

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