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Noosa Horse Riding

About Us

The Noosa Horse Riding team consists of partners Chelsea Jarvis and Clément Vachon.

Chelsea takes care of the horses and provides lessons, drawing on 30+ years learning from horses. She has trained and competed both in the US and Australia. Chelsea also has a doctorate in climatology and viticulture and is always happy to talk about the weather and wine.

Clément grew up in France, participating in his local pony club. While he enjoys riding, his skill lies in keeping Noosa Horse Riding looking its best. He currently is a carpenter, but has 15 years experience as a top chef and is passionate about food production and preparation.

Like our professional photos?  We used a local! She specialises in portraits and has a great eye. For more information, please contact Moira Heilbronn Photography, at

Dressage Horse
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About Eventing

At Noosa Horse Riding, we focus on the eventing disciplines of dressage, show jumping, and cross country. Originally designed to test calvary horses and riders, these three disciplines together provide the foundation for horses and riders to be masters of a variety of riding styles. Dressage requires control and poise. Show jumping requires precision and fleetness. Cross country requires trust and bravery. 

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Tack Room
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