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Want to Ride Better? Come to Noosa!

  • Is there a minimum age for lessons?
    Yes. Students must be at least 9 years old to start lessons at Noosa Horse Riding.
  • Do you teach all levels of riders?
    We teach riding levels of advanced beginner to advanced riders. Students must be able to walk, trot, stop, and steer indedpendently before taking lessons at Noosa Horse Riding. This is due to the level of horses we offer. There are other riding schools near by that offer lessons to complete beginners. Our horses are able to accommodate more advanced riders who are ready to improve their eventing skills.
  • Do I need to have my own equipment?
    Noosa Horse Riding offers basic helmets, boots and half chaps for riders who are new to our program. However, we suggest that regular riders purchase their own helmet and equestrian boots with a heel. Slick-textured athletic tights are not recommended as they will not allow you to grip the saddle. Jeans or tights/breeches with silicon grip are recommended.
  • Are we able to ride outside of an arena?
    Yes! At Noosa Horse Riding we are fortunate to have large flat fields to ride in, a small cross country course, as well as access to beautiful trails. Once students have shown they are able to control a horse in the arena, we are able to utilise other areas and trails for lessons.
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